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Fall in love, fell the energy and touch the magical world of waters !!!!

Live a great adventure in the magical world of waters.

Águas do Pantanal Inn is also near the Serra da Bodoquena, with springs to float, waterfalls, spas. All this world of waters is here very close to the inn. The city of Bonito is 1h30 from the inn and on the way are the waterfalls.

Handcrafted Fisheries

You have the option of piranhas, feed the thousands of alligators, see macaws, parrots, macaws, Tuiuiús, dry head, spoonbill, many ibises and many other migratory animals. Live a great adventure in the magical world of waters. The local gastronomy is rich and tasty

Native Tourism

Pantanal cavalcade, river safaris, or in special cars, native tourism in direct contact with Indians of the Terena Nation , pantaneiro man and his culture


The best safaris of Pantanal flora fauna, bird watching, nocturnal focusing of nocturnal animals, even jaguars, ocelots, maned wolves and Pantanal deer are observed in the Pantanal ecosystem < 15>